Honeywell Bakers' Delight

Honeywell Bakers’ Delight Flour is a value brand launched into the Nigerian market in August 2017. It is mainly used in baking bread, snacks, and other confectioneries. Since its launch, it has become one of the fastest selling flour brand especially in the northern part of Nigeria.

Our Bakers’ Delight Flour brand is the acknowledged quality brand in the market and is sought after by traditional and semi-modern bakers who seek to find the right balance between an excellent value brand and an affordable price.

The Honeywell Bakers’ Delight Flour is available in 50 kg bag sizes and is packaged in polypropylene bags for easy handling.


  • Honeywell Bakers’ Delight Flour is used mainly in baking bread and other confectioneries.
  • Honeywell Bakers’ Delight Flour is affordable but delivers on value and quality. It can be used by bakers as well as artisans for confectioneries like snacks, cakes, e.t.c.  
  • Bread produced from Honeywell Bakers’ Delight Flour “remains soft and fresh” therefore has a longer shelf life.
  • Honeywell Bakers' Delight Flour is an ideal flour for snacks, pastry and sweet goods.
  • Honeywell Bakers’ Delight Flour gives great oven spring. Bread produced from it have well-formed edges.
  • Has the Honeywell’s heritage of trusted products.